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Refinements - Drukarnia cyfrowa Warszawa - Dreamprint.pl

Dream Print’s offer is comprehensive. We offer not only various forms of printing, but also additional services, including, among other things, enhancements that give prints special visual qualities, in addition to protecting them from damage.


What are enhancements to printing products?

With enhancements, you can give your prints a unique character and make them stand out from the competition. Refinements are most often made on printed sheets, but before they are processed by the bookbinders. There are many methods of print enhancement – these include varnishing, foiling, hot-stamping and embossing, among others. Print enhancements primarily enhance the visual qualities of the surface – they give the prints a more interesting look, texture and shape. They also increase the mechanical strength of printed surfaces (less susceptibility to abrasion and stretching), and protect them from adverse environmental conditions (moisture, light, water, oxidation).


Enhancements – Dream Print printing house

We offer our customers not only the most popular printing techniques, but also a wide range of print enhancements. Their task is not only to decorate the finished prints, but also to protect the materials from external factors, including light, moisture or oxidation. Some of the additional services we offer include: varnishing with dispersion varnish, offset varnish, UV varnish, including selective varnish. In addition, thanks to modern machine facilities, we have the ability to foil with glossy, matte and soft touch films. Our offer also includes hot-stamping and embossing. Such a wide range of print enhancements allows us to meet the requirements of any project.

The most commonly used refinements

At Dream Print, we meet the unique needs of our clients’ projects.

Our printing house offers many methods of print enhancement, including but not limited to:



– technique involves covering the surface of the printout with various types of varnishes (dispersion, offset, UV). We offer both full varnishing and selective varnishing (so-called selective varnishing). This technique protects the surface of the print from the adverse effects of external factors, and also significantly improves the aesthetic qualities of the finished product – it can give the effect of convexity, enliven the colors of the print, local matting, gloss or unique surface texture.


– protects the surface of the print from moisture and UV radiation, and increases scratch resistance. This method allows you to bring out the depth of the print and add a glossy or matte effect. We can foil the sheets with glossy films, as well as with matte films and films that give an exceptionally soft touch effect.


– This technique makes it possible to achieve decoration similar to gilding or silver plating. This is an excellent way to distinguish the elements of representative products, of which high-quality aesthetics is an important element. Hot-stamping will work great for business cards, folders, as well as covers, etc.


– is a type of print enhancement, which allows you to get a three-dimensional pattern (convex or concave) on the embossed material. Usually embossing is done on pre-printed designs (e.g. logos) to emphasize their importance. Embossing looks striking on business cards, calendars, etc., among other things.


We are open to custom ideas and interesting projects. Feel free to contact our customer service department!