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Large format printing - Drukarnia cyfrowa Warszawa - Dreamprint.pl

As a professional large-format printing house, we offer our customers to print advertising materials in impressive sizes and on various types of substrates. Dream Print’s offer includes banners, billboards, roll-ups, as well as posters, stickers and many other types of large-format advertising. We use a variety of printing techniques, so we can meet even the most demanding projects. Large format printing at Dream Print also means maximum short lead times, high quality and weather resistance.


What is large format printing?

The basis of visual advertising in public spaces is large-format printing, through which both images and texts can be exposed. Large-format advertising has the potential to reach a wide audience, which is why it is used for both outdoor advertising (billboards, banner ads, signs and boards) and indoor displays (roll-ups, posters), which are used during trade shows and presentations. Large-format printing is also used for high-quality informational materials. Thanks to special printing and fixing techniques, these types of prints have a long life and are resistant to adverse weather conditions (rain, temperature changes, UV radiation).

Large format printing house – Warsaw

One of Dream Print’s specialties is large-format printing. We will print high quality advertising materials for you in almost any size and on any substrate. Our offer includes a wide range of products – from small classic banners, posters and nets to large-scale realizations. Our state-of-the-art machine park is equipped with high-tech printing equipment, thanks to which we are able to combine high quality printing, affordable prices and short lead times. This is possible thanks to adequate production facilities, especially our state-of-the-art UV printers with large printing widths. On the other hand, on smaller eco-solvent plotters we print roll-ups, banners, as well as stickers on self-adhesive films and all kinds of weather-resistant substrates.

Large Format Printing? Dream Print!

We put at your disposal our extensive machine facilities, thanks to which we are able to print in many technologies. The most popular of these are large-format UV printing and large-format solvent printing. Large format printing at Dream Print includes:

  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Product displays
  • Banners
  • Foils
  • Exhibition systems
  • Mesh
  • Roll-ups
  • Advertising stands
  • Cardboard gates

Why should you outsource large format printing to Dream Print?

Large format printing is a very effective form of advertising and also one of our main specialties. Dream Print has been in business for more than 10 years. Our advantage is the individual approach to each customer and professional technical support at every stage of cooperation. We have been helping clients promote their businesses for years – we have a track record of successful projects, but we are constantly improving our skills and investing in the latest technologies to meet the demands of even the most demanding orders. Although the Dream Print printing house is based in Warsaw, we also carry out large-format printing for clients from all over Poland and for foreign clients.


Large format printing has no secrets for us! Feel free to contact our customer service department, where we will be happy to answer all your questions.