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Bindery - Drukarnia cyfrowa Warszawa - Dreamprint.pl

At Dream Print we focus on comprehensiveness of services, which is why our printing house has a high-tech bindery, thanks to which we are able to offer comprehensive finishing of prints in the shortest possible time.


What does a bindery do?

The task of the bindery is to give the final product the desired end result. This is the department that handles the finishing work of projects carried out in the printing house, including but not limited to cutting, gluing, folding, etc. Modern bookbinding techniques require the possession of a well-equipped machine park, as well as the experience and precision of specialists.


Good bindery – Warsaw

Dream Print has a very well-equipped bindery, from folding machines, notebook binding lines to hotmelt and PUR binding gluing lines. The combination of equipment such as creasing machines, a system for perforating prints and a guillotine with an error margin of +/- 0.01 mm makes the accuracy of our products in relation to the project almost one hundred percent. Modern machine facilities allow us to perform complex post-printing processing and provide our customers with a full range of bindery work. At the very beginning of a project, we introduce clients to the possibilities of using particular bookbinding techniques, and advise them on which method will be the most optimal for the needs of the project and its budget. This way we hand over a finished project that does not need to be passed on to further subcontractors.

Dream Print bindery – printing house

We rely on state-of-the-art bookbinding machines, high-quality materials, precision, and competent and dedicated staff for each project. Our bindery workshop performs, among other things:



– is nothing more than cutting, or punching, any shape from a finished print. This method will work well for cutting out flyers with unusual shapes, as well as for preparing labels, stickers, company folders, POS materials, etc.



– This method involves making a mechanical gouge in thicker textures and significant weight, so that their subsequent folding will be easier. Creasing will work well in the production of corporate folders, invitations, cardboard boxes, among other things.


– is a technique that involves breaking paper to fold flyers, brochures, advertising materials, as well as books and publications.


– The technique involves incising the substrate to facilitate the subsequent peeling off of fragments or separating them at a precise location. Perforation will work well for printed discount vouchers, vouchers, posters, flyers, invitations, etc. This is also the method used for spiral binding.


– notching the top layer of self-adhesive materials (without cutting all the way through), which makes it easier to peel the stickers off the sheet later.
Stapling and gluing – combining more sheets into a whole.

Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to advise you on the optimal form of finishing your prints.